Sleepy™ - Snuggle Puppy With Beating Heart

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The Sleepy is an absolute must-have for pups and dogs that get sad and lonely when left alone. 

The Sleepy recreates the intimacy that dogs share with their mother through a life-like heartbeat. The result is a calmer, more peaceful dog - one that feels less loneliness, fear and separation anxiety.


How does it work?

The battery-powered heart inside the Sleepy beats to mimic the mother and siblings. The life-like rhythm of the vibration has a proven soothing effect which fosters a bond with the toy, helping to overcome separation anxiety and sleep disorders. 

The heart can be turned on in one click and will then begin beating, instantly calming your little friend. Our Buddies can also be used during the day if at any point your dog is feeling lonely or anxious.

Why own a Sleepy?

🐾 Dog Approved - The Sleepy is sure to become your dog's new best friend. We've helped over 45,000 dogs overcome separation and anxiety disorders.

🐾 Little Chewer-Proof - Our Buddies are made from strong organic cotton to withstand even the most aggressive chewing and biting.

🐾 Safety First - The Sleepy use high-strength PS51 velcro to keep the heart secure and protected.

🐾 Improves Sleep Quality - The life-like heartbeat instantly makes pups feel more secure, allowing them to relax more easily and drift off into a deep sleep.

🐾 For Dogs of All Ages - Our Buddies are not just for pups. Dogs of all ages can feel lonely and anxious at times. Many puppies remain very attached to their Heartbeat Buddy as they grow up!



Q: Can I leave the Heartbeat Buddy with my dog all night?

Absolutely! Simply press the power button on the heart to activate the heartbeat before placing the Heartbeat Buddy into your dog's bed for them to snuggle with.

Q: Are the Heartbeat Buddies washable?

Yes! Our Heartbeat Buddies are machine washable, simply remove the heart and wash on a gentle cycle.

Q: Is this safe to leave my dog alone with?

Dog safety is our top priority when designing new toys. The Sleepys use high-strength PS51 velcro to keep the heart secure and protected. 

Customer Reviews

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Alexandre Feil

Well, we got a new puppy! Yeah!! Then night rolled around and we put the puppy in his kennel and he cried all night long. No one slept a wink those first few nights. I know some people say to get an old style clock and the ticking sound will comfort the puppy. I never really liked that idea because I was worried that the puppy would break the clock and accidentally swallow a piece of it. I happened upon this Snuggle Puppy and thought it was worth a try and seemed less risky than a clock. Well, let me tell you... he loves his puppy! I guess it didn't help that he was from a littler of 13 but having a "puppy" with a heartbeat that he could rest his head on actually made him feel better.
I'm very happy I decided to give this little guy a try.

Claudia Satterfield

This is an amazing invention. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant because of the cost, but I did not want our new puppy to have anxiety issues the first night away from his litter/mom. We bought this ahead of picking up our puppy, and on the day of - we placed it among all the litter mates to play with and then the breeder rubbed it on the mom. On the drive home, we placed the puppy inside a puppy crate with the snuggle puppy and a towel with our scent on it - he did not even cry once. Then, once home we placed the snuggle puppy inside his crate and he would return to it every so often in between eating/playing/sniffing his closed off area in the kitchen. At night, we moved the crate into our bedroom, guided the puppy into the crate with a treat (positive reinforcement), and he snuggled up against the snuggle puppy. I am stunned to report that he did not even cry, not once. We woke him up at 2am and then at 5:30am to walk him (pre planned potty breaks for the night), and each time we would walk him back to the crate with a treat and he would settle in with snuggles. We placed a hand warmer inside along with the heartbeat, and it works wonders. Tip - the dollar store has six AAA batteries, for a dollar. Today, he has been active and engaged - but when tired he walks himself to his crate (in the kitchen during the day) and settles in (we are leaving the door open during the day for him to come in and out of the crate). If you have any hesitation at all - I say go for it. It is his favorite toy, and will stay with him for a long time to come.

Vernon Nicolas

I ordered this just a tad too late and received it on the day after we initially brought our puppy home. As such, it allows me to have a comparison of what it was like with and without the Snuggle Puppy. The first night of having my puppy, neither of us got any real sleep! I am crate training my pup and she cried terribly throughout the night trying to adjust to being without her littermates while also in a new place with new people. That first night also resulted in potty breaks every 1.5 hours AFTER bed time. The next day the Snuggle Puppy arrived. I stuck to the same feeding/watering routine and the same in/out schedule for her crate. Just before bed time I took her for potty, returned her to the crate for bed time at 10:00 PM and turned on the Snuggle Puppy. She mildly whimpered (no crying or yelping) for less than 1.5 minutes and settled in with the Snuggle Puppy. The next thing I know it was 6am! She had not cried through the night and also did not alert for potty breaks. On night 3 I repeated the pattern and again she remained quiet and comfortable with the Snuggle Puppy from 10PM to 5:45 AM. Last night, was a small break from the norm in which she went into her crate at 10PM without a single whimper, however she cried at midnight in need of a potty break. She was returned to the crate and Snuggle Puppy thereafter and once again not a peep from her until 6am this morning. This item has worked wonders to ease my puppy into it's new environment and crate training pattern. My puppy will be 9 weeks old on 3/7/17.

Frankie Hills

Very soft and cute.

Mae Okuneva

First night with a brand new 8 week old puppy in a brand-new house. What do you expect? Most people spend the night without an ounce of sleep as puppy whines and barks and paws at their crate door. With the snuggle puppy, my actual puppy didn't make a peep! A solid night's sleep for mommy and daddy! Thank you! Fast forward a month- my puppy is terrified by a windstorm creating all sorts of odd noises she hasn't heard yet. I turn on snuggle puppy (who is always sleeping in her crate) and she stops crying immediately and falls back asleep. What a lifesaver! She is four months old now and has begun to haul the snuggle puppy out of her crate to play with during the day. She is often seen sleeping with it and this literally was worth every penny of the $35 I spent on it. Would recommend this to anyone with a dog.