Founti™ - Automatic Water Fountain

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Most cats don't drink enough water, thats why we created Founti™. It's the easiest way to improve your cats healthy and happiness by providing them with a constant stream of fresh, filtered water. Which helps prevent grumpiness and diseases.

❌ No Stinky & Empty Water Bowl Anymore

✔︎ Clean, Filtered Water all Day Long

✔︎ Keep your cat healthy & happy

✔︎ Super quiet & easy to clean

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Is your cat drinking enough?

We all know that cats need to drink plenty of water. But did you know that in the wild, cats drink twice their body weight in water every day. In a household environment, that equates to al lot of work for you!

Our Founti will keep your cat hydrated and healthy all day with a healthy constant stream of water.

What Makes Founti™ Different?

Cats that drink enough water are healthier, happier and more active. As well they are less likely to get bladder and kidney infections, which is the number one disease that cats get.

Suitable for even the most scared cats

The quietest cat fountain ever

Provides enough water for 4-5 days

2.4L Large Water tank

made with only 3 main parts

Easy to clean & no splashing

removes 99% of impurities

Fresh, filtered water all day long

Customizable for the needs of your cat

3 Different Drinking Modes

From our customers


Two of my cats love to drink out of the faucet in my bathroom...and I've had a small water fountain before, but found this one and thought it would be better for my now 4 cats...It was so easy to put together, love the blue light and where I can see how much water is in works perfectly, is very quiet...can't even hear it...and the minute I put it down for my kiddos, they all went right to it. I thought there would be some splashing of water on the floor, but no, no worries there...I am using filtered water to start with and will add thing about the small one I had, it had mineral deposits on it, that I really couldn't get off. This one is supposed to be easier to take care of, and remove the deposits, but I thought if I used filtered water from the get go, I could most likely get by using one filter a month...will see about that...but the stainless steel feature is a real PLUS too...


I have owned several cat fountains over the years. I had no idea how awful these fountains were until I bought this one. The biggest problem with these name brand devices -- they are miserable to clean. And you really do need to clean them each week. There tend to have nooks and crannies and hard to reach places. Not the case with this dream fountain!! It is super simple to clean and also is really cute.

Plus the customer service is outstanding! Very responsive.

I will never buy anything but this fountain in the future.


Freequently asked questions

Questions: Does the Founti needs an AC adapter?

Answer: Yes, you will need an AC adapter. Our Founti only comes with an USB cabel.

Questions: Is this BPA free?

Answer: Yes, it is FDA Food Grade Plastic and BPA free.

Questions: How often do the filters need to be replaced?

Answer: We recommend to replace the filters 4 weeks to ensure clean fresh water.

Questions: What happens if my cat doesn't like it?

Answer: If your cat doesn't like it, or avoids it we recommend waiting 3-4 days so your cat can get used to it. If they are still avoiding it we recommend using catnip on the spout to help get your cat used to it.

Questions: Can my cat knock it over?

Answer: No, it holds up to 2,4L water and is so heavy that your cat can't knock it over.

Questions: What if the pump stops working?

Answer: We offer a 100% free pump replacement. Just send us an email or use our contact form.

Questions: Does it continuously run?

Answer: Yes it does.

Questions: Where does it ship from?

Answer: Our warehouses are located all around the world, so we can ship your product to you in the fastest way possible.

Any Questions? Send us an email

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Package includes

1 x Founti Water Fountain
1 x Charcoal Filter
1x USB cable
1 x English User Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Magali Renner
Best fountain for Cats - They love it!

Cats like fresh, moving water. This has a filter, a pump and even a night light. We only need to add water maybe once a week and it always looks clean and fresh, unlike any of our former drinking bowls. The unit requires cleaning once every 2 weeks, which I am doing for the first time today. It comes with 1 filter, which you can rewash several times before replacing. I had another fountain unit that I did not clean very often and the pump gets clogged if you wait too long. It also did not have filters so the water would get dirty after awhile. If we care about our pets we will clean and refresh all the parts of the fountain regularly. This is a far better fountain than I have had before so I think it is well worth it.

Jeramy McCullough
Perfect! All my fur babies love it!

I love this drinking fountain so much! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and they all use it. It’s super silent, it has a great light, and it comes with a filter. It’s perfect...especially for the price! I ended up ordering one for my cousin’s dog.

Adriel Howe
Cats love it without making a splashy mess plus easy to fill & clean

Two of our current rescues like to play in their water bowls and splash all the water out (one drinks out of her paws like a raccoon), and other loves to sit in the sink or tub and drink out of the faucet, so we were looking for an item that would satisfy both instincts without having a mess. IThis Petastic product is working and the cats took to it right away. While we'd used other plastic fountains before, this one seems more sanitary with the stainless dish and is much easier to assemble/reassemble and clean. It doesn't make a noticeable noise and it clearly shows the water level in the reservoir. It's been running about 20 hours a day since I received it at the beginning of June and so far no problem. The bowl has a light which makes it illuminate in blue glow. Only suggestion would be to be able to raise the fountain head a bit for large cats. The ones using it now range from about 5-10lbs, but we have big chubbers and its a bit too low for them. If this one keeps working well, and the filters are easily purchased, we plan to buy another and put it in another room.

Stanford Howe
Excellent water fountain!

My cat loves to drink running water out of the sink faucet. I’ve tried other water fountains, which he likes but he continues to jump into the sink sometime to drink from the running faucet. So I thought I’ve give this one a try because of the way the water runs off the flower petals. And success - he hasn’t jumped into the sink at all in the 2 weeks since I connected this fountain! Plus it looks great, it’s easy to tell when water needs to be added, and it’s easy to add water to it!

Leann Blick
Great product for any pets’ overall health, saves many vet bills, and makes your pet happy!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a pet, especially cat owners. This is a must-have item if you have a cat that has UTI problems. My cat could not urinate or defecate for almost a week just from diet change. That prompted me to get this fountain. My cat took immediately to this fountain and was back to normal within a week of usage. My cat was so happy with this fountain, he literally thanked me for it!

It was not uncommon for me to find his water bowl empty at the end of day because my kids did not check it regularly. This fountain takes care of that worry as long as you don’t let the water level go down to pump level.

It is easy to follow directions on instruction pamphlet (illustrations) to assemble. However, the important thing is, you must be religious about cleaning the water pump. If the fountain gets really noisy even after changing the filter, the pump needs to be cleaned. I find myself having to clean the pump at least every other week since I have a long-haired cat. The pump is easy to clean. Pump is easy to disassemble and reassemble. Just soak parts in warm soapy water before scrubbing and rinse. I advise drying the parts with a paper towel before reassembling. The metal plate should also be cleaned weekly for optimal pet health. Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet and that saves money in the long run!

It is recommended that the filter be changed every two to four weeks (1 filter included). However, I find that varies based on number of pets, long or short hair, and how often used. If you don’t have time to soak the filter, you can just hold it under running water. Also, I discovered you can extend the filter life by removing any hair or lint on it every few days. If you see any black sediment on bottom of base, I advise changing the water. It will run very smoothly and quietly as long as you keep it well-maintained. I put a schedule on my iPhone to remind me.

My only complaint is that the cord is connected to the pump. While assembling or disassembling, this can be a pain because you must thread the cord up the side of base while connected to pump. It can also get in the way while you are cleaning the pump.
In addition, this product would be perfect if it had a filter changing indicator similar to the Brita water pitcher. Better yet, make the filter change color when filter needs changed.

I hope this fact doesn’t discourage anyone from getting one. I believe the following advantages are well worth it.

• Longevity to pets’ life with continuous usage
• Can prevent unwanted trips to Vet
• Beautiful ambient blue light makes a cool night light for all.
• Fountain can be used with or without flower
• Metal plate is healthier for pets
• Convenient size for S/M critters and multi-pet households (2.4L or 80 oz capacity)
• Water pump is silent if well-maintained
• No more empty water bowls if well-maintained
• Usage can be applied to other animals including birds, rabbits, etc.

I have even entertained the idea of trying a sip myself. I use filtered water in this fountain, so now my cat drinks better water than I do!😉😉